We do not sell anything from the Marlene Dietrich Collection. And we do not buy anymore items unless they are extremely rare. Also we do not pay high prices because we are constantly out of money (who isn’t ?). As an archive we are not allowed to lend DVDs or videos. If you are looking for a video we will publish your request hoping that someone of our readers wants to help you. Also we do not publish touring dates of Marlene impersonators.

Where in Berlin is the Marlene Dietrich Museum?

There is no Marlene Dietrich Museum in Berlin. Three rooms of the Filmmuseum Berlin are devoted to Marlene Dietrich and if you look closely you find more Marlene related items in other parts of the Museum. The Museum is located at Potsdamer Straße 2 10785 Berlin, U- or S-Bahn Potsdamer Platz. Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00, Thursday till 20.00. Closed on Mondays. Entrance fee is 6 €  Special prices for groups. Website:

Is there a catalogue to the collection?

No. The collection is too big for a catalogue. The recent picture book, published in the US by Knopf, in Great Britain by Thames and Hudson and in Germany by Nicolai (see Newsletter 34, Part I) comes close to what you can call a catalogue.

Where can I find posters of Marlene?

Old posters at; precious posters at or

The Filmmuseum Berlin posters of Marlene at the Museum Shop, in Berlin only.

Lilli Marlene: Where can I find the lyrics, in which film did Marlene sing the song?

The lyrics are in Newsletter 23; Marlene hums the song in “Judgment at Nuremberg”

In which film did Marlene sing the song Falling in Love Again? Where can I find the lyrics?

The film was Blue Angel, and the lyrics are in Newsletter 5.

Where is Marlene buried?

At the cemetary Stubenrauchstraße. Take the subway to Bundesplatz. Then walk up about five minutes the street called Südwestkorso. Look to the right and will notice the street Stubenrauchstraße. The entrance is right there. By the way, there is an easy way to get to the Filmmuseum from the cemetary. Just take the bus 348 at Südwestkorso (direction Prenzlauer Berg). get out at Varian-Fry- Strasse. Filmmuseum is just across the street.

What is the meaning of the words on her tomstone?

Our translation: I am standing on the signposts of my life. Lyrics are from Theodor Körner (1791 – 1813) „Abschied vom Leben“

Can I visit the Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin?

At appointments only. Please call a few days in advance. The collection is housed at Potsdamer Straße 2 but the textile objects, luggage and furniture are stored in another place, about one hour to go by car from Potsdamer Platz.

Can I do research at the Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin?

Yes. Please write an e-mail a few days in advance and specify what you are looking for.

Can you send me the music for …(you name it)

Unfortunately, we cannot.

I have an autographed picture of Marlene. For how much does it sell?

We cannot give you a general number. It might be better for you to look at and see how other signed photos sell.

I am looking for a video and the lyrics of Just a Gigolo.

There is no video available. A list of all available videos and DVDs is in our Newsletter 27. The lyrics may be published in one of our next Newsletters. Just subscribe and be part of the community.

I have to play the role of Lola Lola (you may fill in here other personas of Marlene) at a stage performance next week and I am desperately looking for a textbook of (fill in whatever you want).

So sorry, but we cannot help you with that.

Is there a complete discography?

There were a few attempts but none of these succeeded. However if you want to join us in compiling one you should write to us and we will send you what we ‘ve got. But we have to remind you: It is far from being complete.

Do you have a list of Marlene’s radio shows?

Yes, we have a list but again it is far from being complete.

Can I order items from your museum shop?

No, we don’t do mail ordering. If you want items you either have to come to Berlin or find somebody here who buys the things you want.